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  • Poison or Not?

    Poison or Not?

    ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center dispels common misconceptions related to poisons such as Swiffer WetJets, Poinsettias, Macadamia nuts and more…. FALSE: If eaten, poinsettias are deadly. Poinsettia ingestions typically induce only mild to moderate stomach upset. Keeping the plant out of reach to avoid stomach upset is a good idea, but pet owners don’t need…

  • Choosing a Dog

    Choosing a Dog

    What Kind of Dog Should I Get? Choosing a dog is a 10-20 year commitment and there are some important things you should consider. In considering the differences among dogs, breeds help us understand the physical and behavioral traits typical of the various types of dogs. Choosing a dog with characteristics suited to your family’s…

  • Crate Training

    Crate Training

    Crate training is an excellent way to teach your dog good behavior, as well as give your dog his own space. Benefits of crate training include: Prevents damage to your furniture and other household valuables while you are away or sleeping Helps you teach your dog proper chewing and elimination (bathroom) behavior Provides security for…