Cats like countdowns, its more exciting!

#5I need a check up.  cat in vet arms

Yeah, I know, it seems like every time you get out that dusty carrier and stuff me into it, I hate going more.  But can’t you try to make it a little more fun?  How about getting me a nice cosy soft carrier that you keep clean?  And maybe some of that Feliway spray in it? If you left it out for a while, and fed me treats in it, WELL, NOW we are talking!  But seriously, I need Doc to check me over twice a year because I won’t tell you when I am not feeling well, its just not my style.   Heyyyyyy….  Maybe you ask Doc to give me a little sedative?  Like when you go to the dentist?  That would be make it almost fuuunnnnn……..PURRRRRRRRRRRRR.

#4.  I need a high quality food, in 2 or 3 meals.

Now, I am not gonna lie, I love the high fat, high salt food you get me at the grocery store, especially in the all-you-can-eat all day, all night buffet.   But a grocery store brand won’t keep me healthy long term, it will actually upset my stomach, which is why I stop eating it after a while.  The best food for me is Science Diet, Hill’s prescription foods, Royal Canin , just ask Doc she knows.  I may not lap it up voraciously, but I will look and feel great, and you can still give me treats once in a while, and of course, CATNIP.

#3.  Every extra ounce of fat on me is the same as to 10 pounds on you.

Does this lap make me look fat?  buff tabbyWhen I am overweight the extra ounces stress my heart and internal organs.  A big cat can be 12 pounds, but most of us are overweight if we weigh more than than 9 pounds.    I overeat for all kinds of reasons, so you need to help me regulate my calories by giving me meals, not leaving the food down.  Ask Doc for how many calories I should be getting, and don’t forget to ask about the TREATS!

#2.  I need my teeth cleaned.

Meow, cat breath!  Its nothing like dog breath, or your morning breath for that matter (pewwww!)  but I can have periodontal disease from not brushing, canned food, soft treats, and all the bacteria I lick off my coat.  I need my teeth cleaned up under the gum line (meowch!) on the outside and the inside every few years after the age of five.

#1.  CONFIDENTIAL, between you and me only….

No, I can’t tell you, its so embarrassing.  Ok fine, but only if you keep petting me!  I have worms.  No really, I do, and its your fault.  Every time you walk around outside and bring dirt in on your shoes, some of it gets on MY FEET, and I have to groom it off, and the dirt carries eggs.  All kinds of eggs;  flea eggs, cat sending emailworm eggs, and germs!  Plus, ifI do catch a mouse in or outside the house, they are LOADED with pesky parasites.  I need protection!  Please talk to Doc about what she wants me to be on so when YOU track the nasty germs in, I do not get sick.

Thanks and don’t forget to feed me.

Love,  Your Cat

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