In surveys, we score 5 out of 5 with our clients! Here are some recent feedback from our customer service surveys and social media sites:

“Warm and caring staff, all for the love of your pet…”
– C & F

“I have been a long time client…back in the day of Dr. Trembly. These wonderful people that work here now are incredible to the clients needs. Can’t say enough about Dr. Suh and Nikki! Oh and dont forget about Jason. Your whole staff has made an impact on the care and recent loss of my cat Kloe. I’m happy for your support during this difficult time.”
– L.S.

“The staff was just wonderful, they showed genuine care and concern when taking care of my boy!”
– K.S.

“It’s hard to put into words how much I appreciate the work of Dr. Francis, and the entire Marion Animal Hospital team. When we adopted a senior cocker spaniel with several serious health issues, we knew we were going to have a lot of work to do to improve his quality of life. We visited two other vets before going to Marion, and both vets basically told us we were saints for adopting the dog, but he wasn’t going to get much better.

Dr. Francis saw the light in our grandpup’s eyes, and was willing to work with us to try and get him to a healthier place. It took a lot of work, but our sweet old doggo not only began to get better, he turned into a bouncy, happy pal that was able to trust people and actually got excited to visit the vet!

Sadly, we only had about 18 months with our sweet grandpup, but Dr. Francis helped us ensure those were the happiest, healthiest months of his life.  Xo.”
– A.F.

“Thank you to Dr. Bikis at Marion Animal Hospital. My car Pearl (13yrs) was in kidney failure last week. She was seen within an hour of my call, treated and after a week long rollar coaster of ups & downs with Pearl’s health and a few more appointments to be evaluated, Pearl has turned the corner and is getting back to her old self! I am so thankful! Dr. Bikis, you are an exceptional vet and I sincerely, thank you!”
– D.S.

“Wow! Its amazing how very different one place can be to the next, and its all about personality! I have NEVER had a Dr take the time to befriend my dog before examining her? Dr Crowley did and within 7 or 8 minutes storm took treats from her, which she never does at the vet! 
Im so glad we changed! And bonus they can trim Seymours hooves!”

“WE were recommend 2 yrs ago to M,A,H, And I must ad by saying we might have to travel a bit but it’s all worth it for our Pet, Clean, great Staff, and Caring ! A huge shout out to M.A.H.”
– L.D.

“I will always have something wonderful to say about the Marion Animal Hospital and the staff. 
I am so grateful to have been introduced to Dr. Francis she is truly a blessing. My middle fur baby Toby came to Dr. Francis when he had a partial Cruciate tear and I was probably the most worried parent ever. However she repaired his knee and even sent me pictures of them snuggling with my poor baby after surgery. I cried seeing my baby like that but I knew with out a doubt he was in excellent hands. My oldest fur baby Sinister had his first and final trip to Marion Animal Hospital a couple of weeks ago and although I miss him dearly Dr. Francis helped me through the decision making process with a calm and comforting manner. My youngest baby will have her first visit soon as I have decided to make Dr. Francis and the Marion Animal Hospital our permanent doctor. The forty minute drive is worth every last mile to me. 
Thank you so much for loving my babies and for helping us throughout all of the obstacles we’ve run into so far. I am truly grateful!”
– C.C.

“I can’t say enough good things about MAH. I’ve been bringing my bunnies here for 5 years and I love the way all the staff interact with the animals and keep their comfort in mind. The office is always clean and the care is professional and knowledgeable! Everyone is very friendly 

“We’ve been taking our cats here since they adopted us. One visit and we knew this was the best place, even if it is 30 minutes away from our house. The doctors and staff here are top notch and you couldn’t ask for better care for your furbabies.”
– D.S.

“I love the Doctors and staff here. This is the best Animal Hospital I’ve ever dealt with in all of the years of being a pet owner, living in various towns and having different Vet’s according to that.

Really great knowledge and service!”
– N.G.

“The entire staff at Marion Animal Hospital goes above and beyond! They not only provide care for the animals, they truly care about them. They are knowledgeable and supportive and I just can’t say enough on how great they are!”
– L.L.

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