Traveling with pets can be for fun, or perhaps you have necessary trip planned.  It can be frustrating when the regulations for what paperwork, vaccinations, and health certificates you need for your pet keep changing.  It is important to research what the import requirements are for the state or country you are traveling to, before every trip, as they can change every year.

Most states and countries require an Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (OCVI), and then have additional rules depending on the species (cat, dog, horse, etc).  The OCVI is issued by a licensed veterinarian after a complete physical examination, and usually expire within 10-30 days; ie. travel must occur within 10-30 days of certificate being issued.

Regulations by State for importing animals.

If you are traveling out of the country, the best resource for finding out the import requirements of the country you are traveling to is to call the USDA office in Albany at 518-218-7540.   Some information to get you started may be found at the website;

IRegs for Animal Exports

For international travel, the OCVI must be cosigned by local USDA Veterinarian In Charge.  In Massachusetts we must send all the OCVIs to Albany for cosigning; make sure you allow enough time for the mailing and return of the OCVI before you leave on your trip.

Veterinary Services for Import/Export for Massachusetts

Phone : 518‐218‐7540

500 New Karner Road,

2nd Floor

Albany, NY  12205dog in airplane

You may also find more useful information on traveling in this brochure from the AVMA;

Traveling with Your Pet AVMA Brochure



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