evelyn zorro smallWe know you love your pet, and we know you have a tight budget.  So what is the best pet food?

An ideal pet food is one that my pet loves to eat, cleans her teeth, and makes her coat shiny.  This dream diet would support her immune system,  be gentle on her stomach, and make picking up after her a breeze.

For me as a veterinarian, this mythical food has been tested in a research setting to support all those claims.

Amazingly, a new food came out last year that fits the bill.  It is reasonably priced, and is made by a company that has NEVER had a mandatory food recall.  This food is SO GOOD, that pet insurance companies are now offering a discount on premiums if pet owners are feeding it.  If that’s not an endorsement, I do not know what is.

What food is it?  Where can I get it?  It is the Healthy Advantage line from Hill’s Science Diet.  You can purchase this from your veterinarian, order it from our online pharmacy, or pick up the Science Diet Healthy brand version at your local pet store.  Independently reviewed by Good Guide.com, and its what veternarians feed to their own pets.  Don’t believe us?  Go ahead, ask our staff what they feed, and why.

Want to see how your dog food measures up?  Click here.


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