A simple car ride with your pet can turn miserable if he suffers from motion sickness. Motion sickness can manifest itself as vocalization drooling, vomitting, and defecation. According to Dr. Andress and Gate City Animal Hospital in Greensboro, N.C. (Veterinary Economics, November 2009) here are a few simple steps you an take to settle your pets’ stomach.

Simply withholding food before traveling can eliminate many of the problems, or speak to your veterinarian about anti-motion sickness or anti-emetic drugs.

If your pet is still miserable, anxiety may be part of the problem. Try working to desensitize your pet. Here is one method he provides:

  1. Put the dog in the car, but don’t start it. Praise the dog and offer a small treat for positive behavior.
  2. Turn the car on. If the dog shows no signs of distress, slowly drive up and down the driveway, then around the block.
  3. Gradually increase time spent in the car. Continue offering praise and treats for positive behavior.

It is important to remember that this desensitization process may take weeks or even months of training, daily. However, with hard work, they can be riding happily in the car!

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