As pet owners, fleas and ticks are a big concern.  Flea infestations can be costly and time consuming, and ticks carry diseases.

We do NOT recommend you use over the grocery or pet store flea (OTC) and tick products.  OTC products are all permethrin pesticides.  Permethrin has a low margin of safety, and many flea populations have developed a resistance to permethrin;  pet owners find the fleas just keep coming back.

Fortunately, there are safe, veterinary approved products available to eliminate fleas and ticks.  We recommend Vectra, Revolution, and a tick collar for dogs if needed for breakthrough.


Anyone who has had a flea infestation wishes they had prevented it!

Although flea prevention may seem costly and unnecessary, take it from us; its worth it!   In New England start flea prevention in April and continue it for six full months. Inside only cats and dogs can acquire infestations simply from, YOU.  You can track in a flea egg on your shoe, and voila, 100,000 little roommates in a few weeks.


Unlike fleas, ticks are a problem year round.  In Southern New England the tick season spikes from March to May and then again in the fall.