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A Fisher CatFisher Cats are very secretive animals and are rarely seen, but can be found throughout Massachusetts including most recently – Cape Cod.

These predators prey on small mammals and poultry, including domestic cats, rabbits and chickens. They can be seen all year round and hunt day or night. For safety reasons, you domestic cats should be kept indoors. All outside animals should have secure pens or cages. Do not leave trash or compost unsecured.  Fisher cats will return to areas that have been food successful in the past. To learn more about Fisher cats and your pets safety visit. http://www.mass.gov/dfwele/dfw/wildlife/living/living_with_fisher.htm

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  1. Greetings—-I had an encounter with a fisher cat in our backyard in Marion last fall (2013)—–Fortunately it did not attack either myself or my dog (60 pounds)—-I always attributed all of the missing cat posters to the coyotes——but now I am wondering if the fisher cats are responsible!!

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