Elijah Nelson

Practice Manager

Joining the Marion Animal Hospital in October of 2018, Elijah was very excited to begin working with a clearly dedicated and passionate team of professionals.

A graduate of the University of Rhode Island, he has a B.S. in Biology, with degrees in Psychology and Forensics, and a sneaky tendency to confuse Rhode Island Scholar with Rhodes Scholar.  Some of his less useful attributes include an allergy to rabbits, a strong dislike of printers, and the title of baron to an offshore independent principality.

A proud new father, as of 2014, he lives in Warwick with his wonderful wife and daughter, two welsh corgis named Mulder and Scully, and two cats named Kuma and the other one.  In his free time Elijah enjoys kayaking with his wife and dogs, seemingly endless amounts of yard work, and hiding in his library.