Elijah Nelson
Practice Manager

Joining the Marion Animal Hospital in October of 2018, Elijah was very excited to begin working with a skilled and passionate team of professionals.  He has a love for customer service and is always eager to help our dedicated pet parents with any of their needs.

A graduate of the University of Rhode Island, he has a B.S. in Biology, with degrees in Psychology and Forensics, and a sneaky tendency to confuse Rhode Island Scholar with Rhodes Scholar.  Some of his less useful attributes include an allergy to rabbits, a strong dislike of printers, and the title of baron to an offshore independent principality.

Elijah lives in Warwick with his wonderful wife and daughter, two welsh corgis named Mulder and Murphy, a German Shepherd Husky mix named Finn, and a cat named Kuma who he squeezes throughout the day as she’s too lazy to go to the bathroom herself.  In his free time Elijah enjoys kayaking, playing Sea of Thieves with his daughter who’s probably too young for that sort of thing, and keeping a watchful eye on the neighborhood squirrels.