Dr. Rachel Francis, DVM

Veterinarian, Practice Owner 

“Being a veterinarian has been one of my greatest accomplishments in life and it is a great honor to be working in this profession.”

Rachel graduated from the Tufts Veterinary School in 2001. And she purchased the Marion Animal Hospital in 2007. Her passion is to keep pets healthy and to help them in any time of suffering. Dr. Francis has two rescue dogs of her own, along with rescue cats, and even rescue guinea pigs. She loves gardening, bike riding, and crafting with her two amazing daughters and a wonderful fiancé.

“Riding my bike as it is the ultimate multi task. I save gas money, get exercise, commute, and have some time to think. I have always wanted to live on the Cape, and everytime I go to work I think how lucky I am to live and work here.”

Dr. Francis feels animals make life worth living.

“My favorite thing to talk to clients about right now is behaviour.  There are so many new ideas now on how we can communicate, bond and integrate our pets into our lives.  I love talking to owners about simple, easy concepts that help me everyday, so I know they will work for you!”

Visit Dr. Francis’ favorite behavoiur website here:  www.askdryin.com.

Dr. Francis also has roots in farm animal medicine, and her mother still owns a goat dairy in Bedford, MA.

“I love working with all animals. I have the most experience with goats and pigs, but I am interested in sheep, camelids, donkeys, and cows.  I was in 4-H for almost a decade and spent most of my time in and around the barns.  When I wasn’t in the barns, I was at my volunteer job at the Museum of Science in Boston, working with wild and exotic animals, like snakes, ferrets, foxes and birds of prey.  I cannot imagine my life without animals in it, and I know how clients feel about their pets.”

Visit Dr. Francis’s favorite pet health information site www.veterinarypartner.com.