Status Update: January 2nd, 2021.

Temporary Hospital Closure


As of last week our hospital has experienced a positive covid-19 test result for one of our employees.  As part of our response protocol we will be closed for appointments for the week of January 4th, with current plans to reopen on Monday, January 11th following a confirmation of negative test results for all returning staff.  During the week of January 4th we will remain open only to provide medications and supplies as needed.  Our active staff will consist of only two employees with confirmed negative test results during this time, so please be patient as we work to meet your needs.

It is our intent to focus on the health and safety of our staff, clients, and patients, and to prevent the possibility of a longer closure period.  We apologize for any inconvenience as we continue to work towards our goal of providing care for you and your pets as safely as possible while following all state and CDC guidelines.


Temporary Closure FAQ

Q. “How can my pet be seen sooner?”

A. If you feel your pet needs an appointment sooner, we do recommend Bay State Veterinary Services in Swansea at 508-379-1233, or CCVS in Buzzard’s Bay at 508-759-5125.


Q. – “Am I at risk?  I was at your hospital last week.”

A.  The employee who tested positive has not had any direct interaction or contact with clients, and our team has carefully followed State and CDC protocols at all times to minimize the risk of exposure. However, if you did visit us last week, and are feeling sick, we would recommend notifying your doctor.


Q. “Is the employee okay? Has anyone else tested positive?”

A. The employee is doing fine, and carefully monitoring their health. No other staff have tested positive, but we are continuing to follow our protocols of weekly testing, and will retest our entire team this week to ensure that it is safe for everyone to return to work to continue to care for our patients.


Q. “When will you be open again?”

A. Our current plan is to open again on Monday, January 11th, but we will make announcements on our website here, and on our Facebook page if this changes.


Q. “What if I need to pick up supplies?”

A. We are remaining open in a limited capacity with only two team members at a time during the week of January 4th, from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.  We will not be scheduling any appointments during this time, so please call on or after Monday January 11th for appointment scheduling.  If you need supplies such as medications or prescription diets, or to request refills, please call our number and use extension 2 for our automated refill system, or extension 7 to reach an employee in the building during normal business hours.  Please be patient as we will only have limited staff available to take your calls.


We very much appreciate your patience at this time, and we again apologize for any inconvenience.


New clients, or clients we have not seen since prior to January 2019, please click here.


We at Marion Animal Hospital are working to ensure the safety of our clients and our staff, and also to remain as active and available as possible to meet the needs of our patients.  To meet these goals we will be using the following protocols immediately.

If you have recently traveled, or are not feeling well due to sore throat, fever, or have respiratory symptoms, or have anyone in your home on quarantine, we will work with you to reschedule any routine appointments.


When you arrive at the practice, please remain in your vehicle, and call (800-279-6724) to let us know you are here, and why (Appointment, Medication pickup, etc.).

For purchases (medications, food, etc.) we will complete the transaction on the phone and place the products in the pick-up bin outside of our front door.

For appointments, we will call you back once we are ready to receive your pet, and we will have you transfer that pet to us at the side door before returning to your vehicle.  With dogs we will have you meet us at the side door so that we may place a secure slip leash on the patient, and then have you disconnect your leash before returning to your vehicle.  With cats we will have you set the carrier on the ground next to the side door with us present to receive them, before returning to your car.

For surgeries, we will call you back once the technician is ready to review your pet’s procedure with you.  Afterwards the technician will come out to your car with a surgical permission form for you to sign (this will be reviewed during the phone call).  You will then remove your pet from your car, and the technician will take your pet in to the building. 

NOTE: We will soon send custom surgical forms via email to you for electronic signature prior to your pet’s procedure.  We will then follow the steps listed above for appointments to transfer pets into the building. 

When you return for pickup please remain in your vehicle and call to notify us of your arrival.  We will then call you back to review your pet’s procedure for that day, go over home care, take payment over the phone, and we will then arrange to transfer your pet back to your vehicle.




During appointments we will again call you and place you on speakerphone so that the technician and doctor can communicate with you throughout the appointment, finalizing with payment over the phone upon completion of the visit.  We will then have you return to the side door to receive your pet and any product purchases.




If you are unable to pay over the phone we will plan to have you meet us at the front door of the hospital to complete a cash or check transaction.  Please call once you have arrived so we can prepare any receipts or change beforehand.



We apologize for any inconveniences that these protocols may cause.  Please feel free to let us know if you have any concerns or questions.  Our goal is to minimize potential exposure for both clients and staff alike while still maintaining as many of our services as possible.